A Brotherhood of Men for Others !
About Hornell Hall

Hornell Hall (Chinese name: 康寧堂) is the first and only male undergraduate and graduate non-residential hall at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Hornell Hall was founded on the 24th of September in 1953 and was named after Sir William Hornell, former Vice-Chancellor of HKU.


Hornell is characterized by its long history, traditions, and brotherhood among past and current members who had led the way in many sport and socially-conscious activities at HKU.

Our hall is "unique" and "cutting-edge". Working alongside alumni and student members, Hornell Hall provides amazing life experiences that are unrivaled !


September 29, 2020  - Career Forum (Engineering)

September 18, 2020  - Career Forum (Law)

September 11, 2020  - Warden Welcome Sharing

July 4, 2020  - Mentorship Programme Launching Party

March 4, 2020  - Annual General Meeting

January 11, 2020  - Mentorship Programme Lunch Gathering

December 23, 2019  - Christmas Party

November 7, 2019  - High Table Dinner

October 21, 2019  - Career Talk

October 5, 2019  - Mentorship Programme Lunch Gathering

September 27, 2019  - Hornell Hall Alumni Association Annual Dinner

Hall Life
Alumni/Member Spotlight
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Hornell Hall "Spartans"
65th Anniversary Celebration
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Hornell Hall is now accepting applications for membership. All full-time and part-time undergraduate or postgraduate HKU male students are eligible to apply. For application, please download this file: 



Contact Person

Ng Ka Chun, William


Hornell Hall Student Executive Committee

Email: hornell@hku.hk

Tel: 5600-1083